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Biotechnology (4+1), BS/PSM

Earn a BS in biology and a PSM degree in biotechnology in five years. Combine molecular biology with the business and soft skills you need to succeed.

You begin taking Biotechnology PSM courses during the fourth year of your biology major. Core classes include biotech science and bio-entrepreneurship to provide you with both research and workplace experience. You then take 22-28 units during your +1 year, compared to 36 units for two-year students. You'll gain valuable work experience during the industry internship in one of the over 200 private and public biotech companies thriving around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Biotechnology, PSM

Over 95% job placement or PhD program from our last three Biotechnology PSM cohorts.

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Who Can Apply?

The program is open to current USF Biology majors only. Apply in the spring semester of your junior year. A 3.0 GPA is required in both your biology major and cumulative GPA.

How to Apply

Please include:

  • two letters of recommendation - including one from a Biology department faculty member recommenders can email directly to program manager, Luwei Xie at
  • no GRE scores required
  • resume or cv
  • personal statement (around 2 pages, double-spaced): discuss your background and interests, any work or research experience, your interest in the biotechnology field, and any information about why you are a good candidate for this program)
  • Students scheduled to complete their undergraduate Biology degree from USF in May 2025 should email their applications to Luwei Xie at by March 1, 2024. If you have any questions about the 4+1 program or the application process, feel free to email Luwei Xie. Students scheduled to complete their undergraduate degree in December 2025 should email their applications to Luwei Xie at by October 1, 2024.

Why a 4+1 Program?

Earn two degrees in five years instead of six. Get a discount on your fifth year. Launch into the working world sooner. Learn about the students already taking the fast track to a master's degree.

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Ayden Aloia ’25

Ayden focuses his research on the development of safer cancer treatments than chemotherapy and radiation.


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Biology, BS

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