Philosophy prepares students to think. Logic, ethics, morals, reasoning; what’s more practical than a pragmatic brain?

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Intellectual curiosity lasts a lifetime. Jobs change and industries evolve, but the critical thinking and unique problem solving skills you’ll gain by studying philosophy will satisfy both sides of your brain in a variety of fields.

USF’s Department of Philosophy offers a thriving major program and an array of core courses for all undergraduate students. In the classroom, students challenge each other and their professor to step out of the rigidness of language, science, math, and politics to find clarity in complex issues.

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Our faculty are pluralistic. They’re the new face of the field, inspiring a more diverse future of philosophers along the way. Interested in where they’ve been and what they’re teaching?

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Philosophy Club

Philosophy Club is a place for Dons to discuss philosophical issues, hear guest speakers, or take in a movie in an attempt to gain a more practical and substantive understanding of philosophy.


Upon graduation, Philosophy majors excel in many and varied fields including: law, education, social action, and business. Each year, a few students continue on for graduate studies in Philosophy, and some have gone on to a PhD and successful careers in other universities. Those whose study of Philosophy ends at USF nonetheless learn to think clearly, systematically, and creatively - skills they cherish for their entire lives, with vision and perspective that have given them an edge in almost any field.

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