From mass and motion to making molecules, USF chemistry students are discovering the chemical world in motion around us.

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Undergraduate Programs

Hands-on research opportunities—in an instrument lab stocked with equipment you’d typically find at a much larger university—give our students a greater understanding of the physical and chemical systems that surround us.

Our department delivers a challenging curriculum that equips students with the skills to continue on to graduate school or as professionals in a variety of industries. We foster a culture that helps students become self-learners; creates opportunities for students to participate in research projects led by full-time faculty members, and promotes an understanding that social consciousness and ethical behavior are essential features of a principled chemistry community.

Our Faculty

Ten full-time faculty provide expertise in chemical biology, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry and computational chemistry, ensuring a curriculum that’s frequently updated to reflect the latest research in all areas of the field.

American Chemical Society (ACS)

The ACS USF Student Chapter hosts seminar speakers, arranges field trips to local labs and museums, and organizes community outreach projects.

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Student Research

Our department boasts an active and vibrant undergraduate research program. Students work closely with their faculty mentors and are often credited for contributing key experimental results and insights to projects later published as research papers in peer-reviewed journals.

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