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Chemistry, BS

Discover the chemical world in motion around us

Do hands-on research. Explore the physical and chemical systems that surround us. Understand that social consciousness and ethical behavior are critical to the chemistry community. You’ll graduate equipped to apply to professional schools in the field of medicine or begin a career in many different fields including science, research, business, and health care.

Choose a Focus

Select between three different tracks within the chemistry major: the standard track, biochemistry track, and medicinal/synthetic track.

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Do Science, Together

Take a study break and play ChemisTrivia. Decorate and personalize your lab coat to express who you are. Study and learn with other Chemistry majors. The American Chemical Society Student Chapter at USF is your community in the Chemistry department.

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Conduct Research with Faculty

Train with experts in the field. Learn to define key scientific questions and generate results. Beyond the hands-on work, learn to effectively communicate your scientific findings to both colleagues and non-experts.


Step into our Facilities

Use advanced instrumentation for laboratory courses and research projects. Gain the skills necessary to become the scientists of tomorrow.


Map Your Pre-Med Journey

Your path to a career in health professions starts here. University of San Francisco pre-health advisors are here to help with prerequisite courses, application recommendations, and career information.

Nursing Student on Campus

Explore the Master's Program

  • Work on real research projects led by faculty members. Prepare for a career in R&D, for teaching at high school or community college, or for further study.

Chemistry, BS

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