teacher reads to elementary school students in class
Education: Liberal Studies, BA

Program Overview

The EDLS major integrates education, history, science, sociology, and psychology to deliver a liberal arts education that focuses on social justice, critical thinking, cross-cultural awareness, and problem-solving.

Courses cover the subjects that elementary teachers teach — from physical fitness to math to art — with additional courses that deepen your understanding of the cultural, psychological, and developmental contexts that shape individual learners.


Explore a Minor

Add a minor to enhance your knowledge and pursue special interests. Choose from any minor that USF has to offer, or explore minors that are popular for education: liberal studies majors.

  • Become a teacher who inspires students. Advocate for STEM education in classrooms and communities.

  • Learn the physical, psychological, spiritual, social, and cultural aspects of human development during the first 18 years of life.

  • Explore and analyze the intersections between yourself, your community, and pervasive social justice issues. Become an agent of positive social change.

  • Train in a studio with professional artists. Stretch your imagination and find your voice. Honor art-making in all its forms.