Program Overview

Estimated Costs

Information regarding your undergraduate tuition rate is available on the undergraduate admission website. There is a lab fee malpractice fee of $187 that will be added to tuition during semesters that include a clinical lab course. If you have any questions regarding tuition, feel free to contact Student Enrollment Services at

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Courses

Clinical prerequisites include courses on the following topics:

  • Human Anatomy
  • Human Physiology
  • Microbiology
  • General Psychology

Core Courses

Cura personalis, or the philosophy of "care for the whole person", is at the heart of our core curriculum. It’s a principle that has guided our graduates’ minds, bodies, and spirits for generations. The core curriculum, a collection of six required areas totaling 44 credits, is required for all undergraduate students pursuing a bachelor’s degree.


State Authorization

USF is accepting applications from residents in specific U.S. states and territories for enrollment into our 100% online degree programs. Please check our State Authorization Status List for the states and territories from which we can enroll residents in our 100% online degree programs. Programs are only considered to be 100% online degree programs if they have no physical presence (classes, fieldwork, or otherwise) in those states or territories.

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