Educational Technology MA

Whether you’re a classroom teacher, technology coach, instructional designer, or any other type of educator, our Educational Technology Master’s program will provide you with innovative ways to integrate relevant technology with sound pedagogical practice.

The latest tech offers great potential for improved student learning, and our curriculum focuses on using tools to increase student engagement, motivation, and active learning. We understand that every school has different types and amounts of resources, so we explore a wide variety of technology tools, with an emphasis on those that are low-cost or free. You’ll be encouraged to leverage your learning for immediate applicability, and course projects will require you to apply new skills to discipline-specific content needs. 

Program Highlights

  • Understand the structure and function of educational technology systems.
  • Prepare to evolve with rapidly changing educational and technological landscapes.
  • Design and teach online, hybrid, or blended courses.
  • Apply technology-enhanced educational practices in and out of the classroom.