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Philippine Studies

One of the few programs in the United States and one of the largest in the world, the Yuchengco Philippine Studies Program (YPSP) is an interdisciplinary minor specializing in Philippine, Pilipino, and/or Filipino American history, literature, sociology, politics, religion, art, and language.

Students can obtain Filipino/Tagalog proficiency in basic and advanced language classes, while courses centered on literature and the arts, allow a critical examination of the creative expression of the Filipino cultural experience. In addition, YPSP promotes student participation in social justice advocacy and engagement through service-learning opportunities and immersion courses that serve the needs of Filipinos locally and internationally.

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Our faculty are scholars, specialists, practitioners, and community members committed to teaching rigorous and provocative courses with a transnational and diasporic focus. For researchers in Philippine Studies, USF is home to one of the best contemporary Filipiniana collections in the Bay Area.

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Beyond the Classroom

Throughout the academic year, YPSP hosts on- and off-campus events related to Filipino culture, including film screenings, lectures, and Simbang Gabi celebrations.

Study Abroad

USF offers several different opportunities for students interested in studying abroad in the Philippines. With experiences ranging from intensive summer programs to semester-long immersions, you are guaranteed to find something that will fit your interests.

  • Casa Bayanihan - A semester-long immersion program in Manila that provides students with a comprehensive and integrated living-learning experience of the culture, history, social and economic conditions of the Philippines. Casa Bayanihan is an invitation to experience the dynamic reality of the Philippines in an alternative study abroad program.
  • Ateneo de Manila University - The program lasts approximately five weeks in the summer providing students with an overview of the country’s history, politics and current challenges.

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"Casa Bayanihan has been a wonderful gift to my experience here at USF and my only hope is that the program would do the same for others."

Tara Peithman, Casa Participant

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