Minor in Chinese Studies

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Students who minor in Chinese Studies benefit from USF’s prime location. Uniquely situated along the Pacific Rim, San Francisco is home to the largest Chinatown outside of Asia and its population is 34 percent Asian. Complete immersion in Chinese culture and traditions starts by simply stepping through our front door.

Classrooms extend into the city, which serves as a living laboratory with its unrivaled array of academic, linguistic, and cultural experiences. A sequence of structured language courses helps students hear, speak, read, and write Chinese while gaining a comprehensive understanding of Chinese culture and contemporary society.

Study Abroad

USF offers two Chinese study abroad opportunities.

  • Loyola University Chicago The Beijing Center
  • Hong Kong Baptist University

USF Study Abroad Programs

These well-regarded study abroad programs are not sponsored by USF, but students may participate in them:


These scholarships give students the opportunity to study in Taiwan:

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