Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies program integrates scientific understanding with cultural, behavioral, political and ethical perspectives to prepare students to work towards an environmentally sustainable, equitable and just future.

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Environmental Studies

USF’s Environmental Studies program immerses students in the San Francisco Bay Area’s institutions, communities, and cultures known for innovative approaches to environmental challenges. It looks at our surroundings from sociological, political, philosophical, economic, and ethical points of view to define more broadly environmentalism and sustainability. Around San Francisco, people are experimenting with new ways of living and consuming. From the sharing economy to urban agriculture, there’s potential for real environmental change. What’s your big idea?

Our Curriculum

The environmental studies curriculum takes a forward-thinking approach to the environment, focusing on innovative opportunities to make a positive impact on our surroundings. True to the interdisciplinary nature of the program, our professors have broad areas of expertise. They’re environmentalists, ecologists, historians, filmmakers, engineers, ethicists, sociologists, and philosophers. That diversity allows students to explore their unique academic interests and then pursue them through a student-designed environmental studies pathway.

Degree Requirments

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First-year seminar offered this semester:

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