Students in a discussion.
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, MA


Students can embark on careers as English language teachers, teacher trainers, program directors, curriculum developers, private tutors and consultants across a variety of contexts.

Graduates of the TESOL program are prepared to teach in the following settings:

  • International institutions
  • The workplace / businesses (ex. Google, Samsung)
  • Private language schools (ex. ELS, St. Giles, Kaplan)
  • Non-profit organizations (ex. Berkeley Public Library, Refugee Transitions)
  • U.S. Government (ex. Peace Corp, Teach for America, Fulbright)
  • K-12 public schools (with teaching credentials)
  • Local community colleges
  • Private and public universities
  • 21st century schools and education technology
  • Online education and distance learning
  • Administration and program development
  • Home schooling
  • ESL textbooks and materials publishing company