Advanced Study in Educational Technology Certificate

For students unable to commit to a full master's program, the certificate in advanced study is a 12-credit program that offers graduate level courses. It provides students with a foundation in teaching with technology in the classroom and online. The certificate program also allows students, who are considering a master's degree or doctorate, to evaluate their readiness to pursue a graduate degree.

Required courses include:

  • ETK 614 - Navigating the Divide: Digital Leadership

Three additional courses chosen from the following:

  • ETK 602 - Digital Leadership Lab
  • ETK 603 - Made to Stick: Teaching with the Brain in Mind
  • ETK 604 - Digital Storytelling Lab
  • ETK 605 - Multimedia Learning
  • ETK 606 - Media Lab
  • ETK 607 - Learning Designs
  • ETK 608 - Design Lab