Data Science

Inspire change around the world through innovation.

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An estimated shortage of 140,00 to 190,000 data analysts in the U.S. has created a boom for data scientists equipped with the skills to shape the industry.

Our program leverages San Francisco Bay Area’s influential, innovative technology culture. There’s no better place to acquire the skills for an evolving industry than at the center of its transformation. Predicting consumer behavior, extracting information from medical images, uncovering hidden stock market indicators, studying human genetic structure — our students graduate ready to acquire, manage, and explore the data that’s inspiring change around the world.

Careers in Big Data

Data scientists are highly sought after across a variety of industries around the San Francisco Bay Area and the world. So what does a data scientist do?

Our Alumni

Data Science Association

The Data Science Association creates a social and academic environment for data science, mathematics, computer science, psychology, and economics majors at USF. Students organize data-driven visualization, software development, and methodological research projects, and take part in local data challenges and hack nights. Students have also had the opportunity to volunteer with Facebook to teach coding skills to high schoolers around the San Francisco Bay Area.

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