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Public Policy + Urban and Public Affairs (4+1), BA/BS-MA

Choose any undergraduate major. Minor in public policy. Then spend a final year getting your MA in Urban and Public Affairs.

The Public Affairs/Policy 4+1 program prepares you for a career in public policy and policy-adjacent sectors. Be competitive in the job market with two degrees in five years — and one or more internships under your belt. Secure positions working in government agencies, for elected officials, policy consultants, nonprofit service providers, and advocacy groups.




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Why a 4+1 Program?

Earn two degrees in five years instead of six. Get a discount on your fifth year. Launch into the working world sooner.

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  • Understand how policy affects all aspects of society. Evaluate how public policy is made and how to measure its impact.

  • Join the Bay Area's dynamic culture of grassroots organizing and advocacy. Develop community-driven public policy for more equitable cities and regions. Prepare for leadership roles in community organizing, public service, and political advocacy.

Public Policy + Urban and Public Affairs (4+1), BA/BS-MA

Keally McBride, Department Chair

Mon-Fri, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.