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Physics + Engineering (3+2), BS

An undergraduate student in the Physics + Engineering 3+2 dual degree program will attend the University of San Francisco for approximately three academic years and the University of Southern California for approximately two years.

Note: Starting fall 2024, this program will no longer accept new applicants and will only be offered to current USF students enrolled in the program.

A Journey to Use Artificial Intelligence for the Common Good

Inspired by his grandfather, who was an electrical engineer, Wenyi “Howard” Gao ‘17 has a dream to pursue a career in artificial intelligence, making driving safer and accessible for all.

Wenyi "Howard" Gao '17

After satisfying the academic requirements of these two institutions, the student will be awarded a bachelor of science degree in Physics from the University of San Francisco, and one of the several designated bachelor of science degrees awarded by the University of Southern California.

University of Southern California

Under this program, students who have completed the University of San Francisco's general education requirements will be considered as having completed the University of Southern California's general education requirements, as well. A specified set of supporting mathematics and sciences courses required for the University of Southern California's degree should be taken at the University of San Francisco. Once the proper equivalences are considered, the remaining engineering courses at USC can be completed in two additional academic years.

Candidates are eligible to seek the following from USC:

  • BS Aerospace Engineering
  • BS Astronautical Engineering
  • BS Chemical Engineering
  • BS Science in Civil Engineering
  • BS Computer Engineering
  • BS Electrical Engineering
  • BS Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • BS Mechanical Engineering