students in a mid-air jump during a dance performance
Performing Arts & Social Justice, BA

Program Overview

Learning is doing. You’ll receive training in your chosen concentration and start performing right away, on and off campus — regardless of experience and skill level. All our ensembles and productions are open to USF students of any major or minor.



To me, each performing art form is capable of healing a different part of the mind, body, and soul trinity. Theater heals the mind. Dance heals the body. Music heals the spirit. Keep that in mind when you create. Surrender to the chaos and order of creation."

Fayola Jean ’24

Dance Concentration


Study a wide range of styles from hip hop, contemporary, ballet, African dance forms, and a rotating roster of cultural dance forms. In addition, you’ll focus on community engagement, choreography, performance, and a final senior project of your design in any of these areas.

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Music Concentration

students singing

Learn the common practice, theory, and harmony, training in historiographic as well as ethnographic methods for studying music. Engagement with different styles, genres, and applications of live performance.

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Theater Concentration

PASJ theater performance

Develop as an artist who is not only technically competent and versatile, but also as one who knows the conceptual, compositional, and creative processes underlying theater as an artistic form.

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