installing art exhibit in thacher gallery
Art History & Museum Studies, BA

Art History, Minor

All courses include field trips to art museums and galleries in the Bay Area or to cultural resources on campus. Optional, art-related internships and related study abroad opportunities are also possible for minors who wish to extend their studies.

Aubree Mladenovic looks at books in the library.

Aubree Miladenovic ‘15

What Makes Art History at USF Different?

I took one art history intro class and I was sold. We got to read interesting stories, visit local galleries and museums, and talk about art history in a way that wasn’t only scholarly, but human."

Aubree Miladenovic ‘15

A range of course offerings, including lower-division lecture courses (8 units) and upper-division seminars (12 units), bring the history of the visual arts across the ages to life in a truly global context. Art history minors learn important visual literacy, critical thinking, and communication skills, gain valuable cultural knowledge, and grapple with the rich and nuanced histories of art in a global, social context.