Two lab associates handle equipment while reaching into biosafety cabinet

Biology, MS

Intensive training on active research projects in the lab or field

USF’s Master of Science in Biology is research-intensive, providing personalized, hands-on training in a faculty member’s laboratory. Working together with their advisers, students design an independent, faculty-directed research project that culminates in a formal written thesis.

Apply Now for 2024

The Spring application is open. The application date for Spring is October 15.

The Fall application is open. The application date for Fall is March 15.

Full-Tuition Scholarships

Students admitted to the program are fully funded, including a full scholarship and a salary earned through teaching or research assistantships.

Financing Your Education

Research Experience and Training

Our program provides extensive research experience and training to prepare students for:

  • Professional research positions in the educational, medical, pharmaceutical, or biotech fields, as well as other industries with biological research and development
  • Further studies in a PhD program or medical school
  • Teaching positions at the high school and community college levels

Program Overview

Biology, MS

John Paul, PhD, Program Director
2130 Fulton Street
Harney Science Center 219C
San Franciscio, CA 94117