Mathew Mitchell

Mathew Mitchell

Faculty Emeritus

Faculty Emeritus


Dr. Mitchell started working at USF in 1992 in the Learning and Instruction doctoral program. He teaches a wide range of courses: Applied Statistics, Cognitive Psychology, Multimedia Learning, Motivation, and Creativity. Dr. Mitchell will be teaching two of the ten courses in the reenvisioned Educational Technology program.

Dr. Mitchell has been involved with integrating technology into the student learning experience for many years. He received the first "Grand Award" for technology innovation given by the CIT in 2003. In 2011 Tracy Seeley (English Department) and Mathew were asked to help create a new Center for Teaching Excellence at USF. In 2012 the Center opened and is growing rapidly to meet a wide range of faculty development needs including how to better integrate technology into the learning experience.

For the past decade, however, he has focused almost exclusively on issues surrounding the effective use of multimedia learning. As an educator he has an experienced background flipping courses, creating multimedia-based presentations, and designing e-learning experiences. Dr. Mitchell currently is a Professor in Learning and Instruction and serves as Co-Director at the Center for Teaching Excellence.

Research Areas

  • Learning strategies
  • Multimedia learning
  • Mathematics education
  • Student motivation to learn


  • Program Coordinator, Digital Technologies for Teaching & Learning
  • Co-Director, Center for Teaching Excellence


  • PhD, Educational Psychology, University of California, Santa Barbara

Awards & Distinctions

  • Grand Award, CIT, 2003

Selected Publications

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