Lisa De La Rue

Lisa De La Rue

Assistant Professor; Fieldwork Coordinator, Marriage & Family Therapy program

Full-Time Faculty

(415) 422-2516 ED 030


Lisa De La Rue, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor in the Counseling Psychology Department. Dr. De La Rue’s research adopts a social-ecological framework, which aims to delineate the gendered, cultural, and contextual associations of violence and victimization. Her work focuses on three main areas of research: 1) the intersection of trauma and school discipline, 2) victim and offender overlap in criminal justice systems, and 3) interpersonal violence prevention. Dr. De La Rue aims to inform policy efforts that advocate for treatment and support for individuals who have experience trauma, and to provide such treatment before punitive disciplinary measures are taken. She is also interested in identifying intervention points, in order to prevent further victimization among vulnerable populations.

PhD, Counseling Psychology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
MA, Psychology, California State University, Sacramento
BA, Psychology, California State University, Sacramento
Improving treatment services as a source of violence prevention
Building trauma informed schools and systems
Interpersonal violence prevention
Selected Publications

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