Genevieve Negrón-Gonzales

Genevieve Negrón-Gonzales



Dr. Genevieve Negrón-Gonzales is an interdisciplinary scholar of immigration and education. Her academic, activist and community work focuses on the ways undocumented young people are changing the political and legislative terrain around “illegality” and belonging in this country. Her work lies at the intersection of education, immigration, and social movements. She is the co-author of Encountering Poverty: Thinking and Acting in an Unequal World (2016, University of California Press) and co-editor of We Are Not DREAMers: Undocumented Scholars Theorize Undocumented Life in the United States (2020, Duke University Press).

Research Areas

  • Political activism among undocumented migrant students
  • Immigrant students and higher education
  • California racial politics and Latino immigrant communities.


  • M.A. & Ph.D. in Social and Cultural Studies in Education, University of California at Berkeley

Selected Publications

  • Negrón-Gonzales, G., Abrego, L., & Coll, K. (Eds.) (2016). Special Issue: Complicating the politics of deservingness: A critical look at Latina/o undocumented migrant youth. Association of Mexican American Educators Journal, 9(3).
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