Colette Reid-Horn headshot

Colette Reid-Horn

Adjunct Professor


Colette Reid-Horn is a New York native from a strong Caribbean background with more than twenty-five years of experience in higher education and mental health. She has also called California home for the past nineteen years. Colette proudly exudes her cultural values and beliefs in the work that she engages with. She believes in the Jamaican motto of her parent’s rich heritage, “Out of many, one people.” Colette is a licensed clinical social worker and credentialed counselor. She invests her time learning about various contexts that will assist in building the lives of youth, children, and families. Colette looks forward to writing and co-creating books with her beloved, Dr. Aaron L. Horn, that reflect the narratives of the Black/African American diaspora.


  • Coach, Center for Care Innovations 
  • Coach, On The Margins


  • StonyBrook University, BA in English, 1995
  • StonyBrook University, MA in Liberal Studies, 1997
  • StonyBrook University, Masters in Social Work, 1999
  • Chapman University, MA in Counseling, 2010

Prior Experience

  • Clinical Supervisor, Psychotherapist, Sankofa Holistic Counseling Services
  • Clinical Supervisor, WestCoast Children's Clinic
  • Program Director, A Better Way, Inc. 
  • Residential Site Manager, WestCoast Children's Clinic
  • Program Supervisor, Lincoln Families

Awards & Distinctions

  • WestCoast Children's Clinic, 5 Years of Service Award, 2020
  • Lincoln Families, 5 Years of Service Award, 2014
  • Lincoln Families, Principles of Care Award, 2010
  • University of Vermont, Advisor of the Year Award, 2005
  • StonyBrook University, Hugh B. Cassidy Alumni Award, 1999

Selected Publications

  • I Love to Read - The Adventures of Lisa and Her Love for Reading
  • I Love to Read - The Adventures of Jack and His Love for Reading