Colette Cann

Colette N. Cann

Associate Dean and Associate Professor

Associate Dean • Department Chair • Full-Time Faculty

(415) 422-4307 ED 108C


Dr. Colette N. Cann is an associate dean and associate professor in the School of Education. Before coming to USF, she served for over ten years at Vassar College as an associate professor of Africana Studies and Education, as a class advisor, as a house fellow in a residence hall, and as the director of a community college transfer program. In addition, Dr. Cann worked with Vassar students to establish the RISE Center for Racial Justice.

Dr. Cann’s scholarship has allowed her to collaborate with teachers, students, and community organizations and has appeared in journals such as Race, Ethnicity and Education; Whiteness and Education; Urban Education; Journal of Peace Education; Qualitative Inquiry, and Cultural Studies <–> Critical Methodologies. Dr. Cann's most recent publication is The Activist Academic: Engaged Scholarship for Resistance, Hope and Social Change.

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Faculty Advancement
Co-Chair, Doctoral Policy Committee, School of Education
Co-Chair, General Education Department, School of Education
Stanford University, BA, 1993
UC Berkeley, MA, 1999
UC Berkeley, PhD, 2006
Assistant/Associate Professor in Africana Studies and Education, Vassar College
Director, Exploring College, Vassar College
Class Advisor, Vassar College
Chair, Education Department, Vassar College
Critical Race Theory
Race and Education
Intergroup Dialogue
Race and K12
Whiteness and Education
Race in Higher Education
Selected Publications

Cann, C. and DeMeulenaere, E. (in press). The activist academic: Engaged scholarship for resistance, hope and social change. Myers Education Press.

Cann, C. and McCloskey, E. (2017). The poverty pimpin’ project: How Whiteness profits from Black and Brown bodies in community service programs. Race, Ethnicity and Education, 20(1), 72-86

Colette N. Cann (2016) A reboot of Derrick Bell’s ‘The Space Traders’: using racial hypos to teach white pre-service teachers about race and racism, Whiteness and Education, 1(2), 94-108, DOI.

Cann, C. (2015). At the intersection of heart and mind: A critical race feminist parenting her 'best thing'. In G. Theoharis & S. Dotger (Eds.) On the high wire: Education professors walk between work and parenting. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Cann, C. (2015). What school movies and TFA teach us about who should teach urban youth: Dominant narratives as public pedagogy. Urban Education, 50(3), 288-315.