Alette Coble-Temple

Alette C. Coble-Temple

Associate Professor

Program Director
Full-Time Faculty
Cowell Hall 403


Dr. Alette Coble-Temple is a licensed clinical psychologist who comes to the University of San Francisco with 18 years of teaching within a clinical psychology doctorate program and 20 years of experience as a forensic evaluator. Her cultural-responsive leadership style promotes innovative academic and training structures to strengthen accessibility and effectiveness. Dr. Coble-Temple mentors from a developmental perspective with an emphasis on equity, diversity, and inclusion. Her research and advocacy is in the public interest areas of criminal justice reform, racism, disability, assessment, and healthcare disparities leading her to serve on multiple boards and committees at the national and state level. Crowned Ms. Wheelchair America 2016 for her lifetime advocacy efforts for people with disabilities, her professional awards include the 2022 NCSPP Advocacy Leadership Award, the 2019 APA Presidential Citation, the 2018 CPA Distinguished Humanitarian Contribution Award, and the 2015 JFKU Harry Morrison Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award.


  • Clinical psychology
  • Disability rights, justice, and identity development
  • Neuropsychology
  • Forensic risk assessment
  • Attachment theory
  • Invisible disability
  • Ableism
  • Universal design
  • Navigating academic and clinical settings with a disability
  • Neurodiversity
  • Decolonization of assessment curriculum and practices

Research Areas

  • Social justice & equity in professional pipelines
  • Disability justice & health equity
  • Risk assessments & recidivism
  • Health policy
  • Culturally responsive leadership


  • Chair for the Board of Advancement in Public Policy and Interest, American Psychological Association
  • President, Ms. Wheelchair California Leadership Institute
  • Vice-Chair, Committee for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender NCSPP
  • Co-Chair, Special Committee on Disability, the Society for Women in Psychology


  • John F. Kennedy University, PsyD in Clinical Psychology, 1999
  • John F. Kennedy University, MA in Sport Psychology, 1995
  • Santa Clara University, BS in Psychology, 1993

Prior Experience

  • Forensic Evaluator, California Department of State Hospitals
  • Director of Clinical Training, John F. Kennedy University
  • Professor, John F. Kennedy University

Awards & Distinctions

  • National Council of Schools and Programs in Psychology Advocacy Leadership Award, 2022
  • American Psychological Association Presidential Citation, 2019
  • California Psychological Association Distinguished Humanitarian Contribution Award, 2018
  • John F. Kennedy University Harry Morrison Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award, 2015
  • John F. Kennedy University Kennedy Laureate Award, 2015

Selected Publications

  • Coble-Temple, A.C. (2022, February) Disability as a contextual factor in health service psychology. Cal Baptist University.
  • Coble-Temple, A.C. (2022, January) Disability health disparities. San Diego Psychological Association.
  • Carlos, M., Coble-Temple, A.C., Liebich, E., Sitzer, D. (2022, January) #languagematters: The intersection of disability identity and language. 2022 NCSPP Virtual Mid-Winter Conference.
  • Coble-Temple, A.C., Krishnamurthy, R., (2020, August) Social responsiveness training matrix: Integrating social justice into the curriculum. 2020 NCSPP Summer Virtual Conference.
  • Clemency Cordes, C., Cameron, R. P., Mona, L. R., Syme, M. L., & Coble-Temple, A. (2016). Perspectives on disability within integrated healthcare. In L. A. Suzuki, M. Casas, C. Alexander, & M. Jackson (Eds.). Handbook of Multicultural Counseling (4th Ed.)