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C-HER Awards Inaugural Freedom Dreaming Mini-Grants

The Center for Humanizing Education and Research (C-HER) celebrates the inaugural recipients of the C-HER Freedom Dreaming Mini-Grants.

by Lisa Klope, School of Education

The School of Education's Center for Humanizing Education & Research (C-HER) Freedom Dreaming Mini-grants support graduate students in freedom dreaming—imagining a future they want to live in and addressing the oppressive systems that threaten that future.

Grant applicants described how they would participate in the cycle of theory and practice to engage in radical imagination, how they would work collectively to try new creative ways of being, healing, and doing, and how they would generate new knowledge and accountable practices through this process.

Grant recipients received up to $5,000 for student-led projects that:

  • Explore the creative processes that center radical love, joy, and care;
  • Identify and/or disrupt the status quo and strive for a just future;
  • Place relationships and community accountability at the center;
  • Center Black, Indigenous, People of Color and other marginalized communities; and
  • Involve the collective generation and practice of knowledge through praxis.

Congratulations to the 2021-2022 Inaugural Freedom Dreaming Mini-Grant Recipients:

Beyond the Food Pantry: Addressing Student Food Insecurity Through Student-Centered Pedagogy and Practice
Rachel Brand, International & Multicultural Education EdD ‘23

Black Educology
Andre Carter, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages MA ‘20; International & Multicultural Education EdD ‘25
Brian Davis, Human Rights Education MA ‘21; International & Multicultural Education EdD ‘25
Gertrude Jenkins, International & Multicultural Education EdD ‘22
Noah Morton, International & Multicultural Education EdD ‘23
Eghosa Obaizamomwan Hamilton, International & Multicultural Education EdD ‘23

Collective Catalyst: "Heart" Series
Noah Morton, International & Multicultural Education EdD ‘23
Janise "Jay" Powell, International & Multicultural Education EdD ‘24
Paul David Terry, International & Multicultural Education EdD ‘24

Community Pop-Up: Healing Public Practice  
Asya Guillory, Counseling Psychology MA ‘22

Educando para liberarnos
Jazdil Poupart-Feliciano, Human Rights Education MA ‘23

Exploring the Experiences of BIPOC Sexual Health Advocates for LGBTQIIA+ Youth of Color: An exploratory case study of the MOCHA Center of Buffalo, New York
Gyasi Curry, Organization and Leadership MA ‘22

Hawaiʻi Island Social Equity Resource Mapping
Moanikeʻala Akaka Aloha ʻĀina Education Aha Board of Directors: 
Hoʻoululāhui Erika Perry, President
Cheyenne Perry, Vice President
Moana Ulu Ching, Treasurer
Noelani Puniwai, Secretary
Lisa Canale, International & Multicultural Education EdD ‘25

Oriental Schools and Chinese American Students in “Separate but Equal” America
Kelsey Owyang, International & Multicultural Education MA ‘22

C-HER promotes the generation, application, and diffusion of high quality, methodologically rigorous research that is conducted in solidarity with local and global communities to address pressing issues through humanizing frameworks.

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