International Studies

The world gets smaller while its opportunities grow. Understanding international issues, institutions, and relations is more important than ever.

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Undergraduate Programs

A degree in international studies opens the door to professional opportunities around the globe in government service, education, business, media and communications, environmental sustainability, law, consulting, and development. Where will it take you?

Tracks and Specializations

A selection of interdisciplinary courses from the humanities, social sciences, arts, and sciences provide students with a broad understanding of the processes of globalization, the role of international institutions, the complex nature of conflicts, and global economic issues.

The result is dedicated professionals with diverse skills and an in-depth knowledge of global dynamics working to make the world a more humane and just place for all.

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International Affairs Review

The International Affairs Review (IAR) is a student research and publishing organization devoted to understanding international issues within an objective and analytical framework. Each year, students from International Studies have the opportunity to contribute articles to IAR. View the current issue.

New Student Seminars

Each year, incoming students participate in seminars on exploring careers and internships, integrating study abroad into the major, and developing expertise.

Peer Advising Program

Peer advisers serve as student leaders who volunteer their time to share their expertise and represent BAIS students on the BAIS Faculty Student Advisory Council.

Carolyn Widman, Alumna - Peace and Conflict Studies and European Studies

Carolyn Widman, Alumna - Peace and Conflict Studies & European Studies

"Since graduation, I have been interning at the Ethnic Nationalities Affairs Center based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I have been back and forth between Thailand and Burma to observe the current peace negotiations between the coalition of ethnic armed organizations and the government's peace committee. I'm currently researching issues related to the peace process and conducting policy development workshops."

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