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Undergraduate Programs

Opportunity is everywhere when your economics department stands in the center of the financial capital of the west. Here, hands-on experience is an essential part of the curriculum.

Small class sizes, opportunities to participate in faculty research projects or pursue internships in the financial district, and diverse faculty expertise ensure our students understand economics from every angle and gain the skills for life after graduation.

Our Programs

See the catalog for requirements and courses.

  • Major in Economics Foundation Program
    The Foundation program is constructed to provide students a rigorous exposure to the core disciplines of microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics.
  • Major in Economics with Development Concentration
    Students are prepared for a variety of careers working with international development agencies or governments in the developing world. This may be as an applied economist doing research and forecasting in agricultural production, population changes, trade patterns, market structures, etc., or in managing a development agency implementing, analyzing, and supervising development projects. A regional emphasis in Latin America, Asia, or Africa may be pursued.
  • Major in Economics with Financial Economics Concentration
    The concentration in financial economics provides students with the opportunity to analyze financial markets in the context of domestic and international economic concerns.
  • Major in Economics with International Concentration
    Students develop skills for a variety of careers working with international business and finance or international agencies. Students may specialize in international economics broadly or focus on a particular area, such as the Pacific Rim or Africa.
  • 4+1 BA/MS Program
    The program offers students the ability to obtain both a Bachelor's degree in Economics and a Master's degree within five years in either MA in Economics, or an MS in International & Development Economics.
  • 4+1 BA/MSFA Program
    The program offers students the ability to obtain both a Bachelor's degree in Financial Economics and a MSc in Financial Analysis within five years. The MSc in Financial Analysis (MSFA) emphasizes the key role of economic analysis in the investment management and valuation profession. The MSFA is structured around the body of knowledge set forth by the Chartered Financial Analyst Exam program with an accredited Academic Program Partner by the CFA Institute.
  • Minor in Economics
    The Minor provides students with a thorough grounding in economic analysis. It is ideal for students in the School of Management pursuing an International Business or Finance concentration.


Internships will be arranged where possible with banks and other financial companies to give students work experience and exposure to job opportunities.

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