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Undergraduate Teacher Credential Program

Put your teaching career on the fast track. You'll earn your bachelor’s degree and a Preliminary California Teaching credential in four years. This can save you a year or more in additional schooling.

Eligible Majors

Students pursuing a multiple subjects credential must major in Education: Liberal Studies. For single subject students, the four year program is limited to students pursuing a credential in English or History.

Credential Courses

As part of this unique four year model, you’ll complete credential coursework and work in the field alongside mentor teachers. Students in selected majors are able to pursue a multiple subjects (elementary) or single subject (secondary) credential track.

Program Overview

Classroom Training

You'll gain hands-on experience in local classrooms with experienced mentor teachers. California requires you to spend 45 hours in a classroom prior to student teaching. We provide twice that and offer additional opportunities to work in the field.


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Earn a Master's Degree

Earn a Master's in Special Education by completing an additional year.

  • Prepare for a career in special education. Train as a paid intern teacher in a Bay Area school.

Take the Next Step

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