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Spanish Studies, BA

Part of the Bay Area's DNA

The Spanish Studies major and minor programs are more than a foreign language — they provide full immersion in a second language, culture, and history, with social and political contexts vital to living in diverse communities within the global climate.

What’s It Like Inside a Spanish Studies Class?

Our curriculum emphasizes the unique role of Spanish-speaking communities throughout the world, offering challenging coursework, community engaged learning opportunities, and study abroad programs that allow you to understand the complexities of Chicanx, Hispanic, Latin American, and Latinx cultures. By offering all of the courses in Spanish we hold true to the belief that understanding a culture means being immersed in it.

Opportunities Abroad

In addition to the study abroad programs offered through USF in Spanish and Latin American cities, our students have also found fellowships, internships, and job opportunities abroad, working in countries such as Ecuador and Guatemala. Many of our students have worked as language assistants in Spain — paid internships by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Spain that we encourage you to apply for each year.

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San Francisco Advantage

The Bay Area is rich with Spanish and Latin American history, a fact that our program celebrates. We encourage you to engage in service learning and cultural volunteer work within Spanish-speaking communities. Our program allows you to gain first-hand experience working with community organizations focused on tutoring, translation, immigration advocacy, and legal services.

What Can You Do With a Spanish Studies Degree?

Spanish Studies graduates excel in many fields including education, business, and communications.

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Spanish Studies, BA

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