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Humanities Mellon Scholars

The Humanities Mellon Scholars program allows selected transfer students from the Foothill De Anza Community College District and our other partner institutions to study the humanities at USF. This program offers financial benefits, internships, individual mentorship, and a community of support to assist transfer students in completing their degrees and enhancing their study of the humanities.

This program, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, responds to a growing need for professionals who are skilled in innovation, critical thinking, and problem solving. Studying the humanities is a powerful way to develop these abilities. By examining the records of human experience — including the visual arts, literature, film, and philosophy — students develop a lifelong practice of inquiry that fosters deep knowledge and wisdom about the past and present, and guides them in imagining the future.

Humanities Mellon Scholars complete university transfer requirements at Foothill and De Anza colleges or from their transfer institutions. Eligible students will be invited to apply, and upon acceptance students are guaranteed a transfer pathway in a humanities program at USF’s College of Arts and Sciences.

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Why Should I Become a Mellon Scholar?

Financial Benefits

Humanities Mellon Scholars are eligible for a USF scholarship of up to $10,000 a year in addition to other financial aid they may receive. They are also eligible for internship or research assistant positions, paid summer internships, and financial support for course materials.

  • USF scholarship - up to $10,000 in scholarships before loans per year for maximum of 2 years
  • Research assistantships - up to $2500 per academic year (maximum of 2 years), per student
  • Financial support for course materials - up to $150 per semester


As a Mellon Scholar at USF, students are provided additional services designed to support their academic success and well-being, including one-on-one mentorship and peer support. Mellon Scholar Coordinators and faculty meet with students regularly to help navigate course schedules, locate research assistantships, identify internship opportunities, and guide them through degree completion.

Graduate in Two Years

Mellon scholars are guided through course selection and registration in order to stay on track with program requirements. We have established major pathways for students to help ensure completion of a degree and graduation in a two-year timeline.

Current pre-approved major pathways:

  • Art History/Art Management
  • English (Literature emphasis)
  • English (Writing emphasis)
  • Fine Arts
  • History
  • Japanese (Foothill only)
  • Philosophy
  • Spanish


Applications are available only to current Foothill and De Anza Humanities Mellon Scholars. To transfer as a Mellon Scholar you should complete the following in order to have enough credit to graduate in 2 years from USF: Minimum 2.7 GPA.

  • Foothill students must have eligibility for ENGL 110, ENGL 1A, ESL 25 or ESL 26 and MATH 105.

  • De Anza students must demonstrate eligibility for LART 211, READ 211 + EWT 211, ESL 5 or ESL 6 and MATH 114 based on the regular college placement assessment.

  • The equivalent of 64 semester units (96 quarter units) comprised of the following:

    A combination of 30 semester units (45 quarter units)

    • USF Core Area B - Math and Sciences
    • USF Core Area F and C - Arts and Humanities
    • USF Core Area E - Social and Behavioral Sciences

    A combination of 14 semester units (21 quarter units)

    • USF Core Area A - Public Speaking
    • USF Core Area D - Philosophy, Theology/Religious Studies and Ethics

    Core Curriculum

    8 additional semester units (12 quarter units)

    Courses in the core or major as pre-approved by USF departments. Current pre-approved pathways:

    • Art History/Art Management
    • English (Literature emphasis)
    • English (Writing emphasis)
    • Fine Arts
    • History
    • Japanese (Foothill only)
    • Philosophy
    • Spanish

    2 semester units (18 quarter units)

    Complete up to level three in language equivalency as evaluated by USF, or additional courses towards the major pre-approved by USF departments.

How Close is Your Degree?

Use our transfer credit evaluator to see which courses you can transfer and how they will apply to your degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Semester.

  • You can apply before completing all required coursework, however, you will need to complete 96 quarter units of required/approved coursework before starting at USF.

    See our Transfer Applicants page for more information on non-Mellon transfer requirements.

  • The USF Nursing program is not one of the guaranteed admission majors for Mellon Scholars. However, should you be interested you may contact Abigail Jelavich,, for more information about Nursing Program transfer admissions.

  • Once a Mellon Scholar applies to USF they will receive a full financial package within 2 weeks. USF scholarships are merit based and are often awarded to students with a 3.25 GPA or higher. Need based financial aid is considered through FAFSA.

  • Most community college courses are considered for credit, however, vocational and remedial courses units are not accepted and there is a cap on how many P.E. units can be applied.

  • Not necessarily, USF evaluates all courses taken in house.

  • In general it’s best to start with the program you’re interested in, but can also contact the Mellon Scholar Coordinator to get more information.

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For additional information about the Mellon Scholars Program, including eligibility and application information, as well information about major pathways from other community colleges, please contact us.

Nicole Gonzales Howell, Mellon Scholar Coordinator
Kalmanovitz Hall 281

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