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Asian Studies, BA

Advance your understanding of Asia. Explore the structures of Asian societies — histories, laws, economies, and governments — and also the religious, philosophical, artistic, and intellectual foundations for these structures.

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Evan Matthew Chan ‘23

Look Beyond What Is Already Familiar

As a third-generation Chinese American, I was given opportunities to explore my family's heritage from China and contextualize their heritage regionally and globally. I looked beyond what was already familiar, which opened my mind to a much wider perspective."

Evan Matthew Chan ‘23

Think Broadly, Dive Deep

Come take classes on Asian philosophies that have shaped the cultural landscapes of India, China, Japan, and the Philippines. Study an Asian language. Learn new vocabularies and ways of seeing the world. Choose from a rich selection of history classes. Explore Asia’s pasts and presents. Gain an appreciation for a diverse region of the world. Think critically about the forces that shape Asia today, as well as your own role as a global citizen.

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Explore the Hub for Asian Culture

The Bay Area is among the best places in the country to pursue Asian Studies. Our students frequently embark on field trips to Chinatown, Japantown, the Japanese arts and cultural center, the Asian Art Museum, Angel Island — the main point of entry for Asian immigrants in the early 20th century — and other places of Asian historical and cultural significance.

We also frequently partner with the Chinese Historical Society of America to give you opportunities to work with the Asian community. Work on immigration issues or help Chinese parents navigate our country’s complicated school system.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a vital part of the Asian Studies major. While the classroom can be dynamic, interactive, and enriching, nothing compares to actually visiting the countries and societies you’re learning about.

We partner with universities in India, Japan, China, Taiwan, and cities all across Southeast Asia to provide ample opportunities for you to experience the histories and cultures you're most passionate about. You may spend a summer, semester, or a full year overseas studying both language and culture.

Asian Studies, BA

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