College of Arts and Sciences

Our faculty embrace the USF mission of educating the whole person — both heart and mind. Our professors pursue an ambitious agenda of research, teaching, and service. As scholars, they take on some of the world’s most challenging issues and problems.

In the classroom, they bring compassion and academic rigor. Outside the classroom, they are engaged professionals, making contributions to their communities and their respective fields. 

Rachel Brahinsky

Urban and Public Affairs Program Director, Associate Professor
(415) 422-2667

Rachel Brahinsky serves as director of the graduate program in Urban and Public Affairs. She also teaches in the undergraduate Urban Studies program. She earned her PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. Her research and teaching center around the challenges of race and inequality in the context of rapidly changing American cities. Her current projects are focused on the San Francisco Bay Area. View more information on Dr. Brahinsky’s publications and research.


PhD, University of California, Berkeley

David Guy Brizan

Assistant Professor
(415) 422-4813

David is an assistant professor at the University of San Francisco. His research interests are natural language processing, machine learning, and databases — specifically on the personal and cultural/demographic information transmitted during speech and typing. This research may lead to more accurate speech recognition systems. Prior to joining USF, David was a research assistant in the Speech Lab at Queens College and an instructor at Hunter College. He has previously worked for the City of...


PhD, Computer Science, CUNY Graduate Center (candidate), MS Computer Science, San Francisco State University, BS Computer & Information Science, Brooklyn College


Speech Processing, Applications of Machine Learning

Christopher Brooks

Associate Dean of Academic Operations, Professor
(415) 422-6616

Chris is always happy to talk about the work that Community Connections does in providing technology access to the poor and underserved, both in San Francisco and in Peru. Dave Wolber and Chris also have a collection of projects related to providing greater transparency in and access to politics, including opencampaigns.com, which allows citizens to track the influence of campaign financing, and the California Budget Simulator, which allows students and citizens to better understand the CA...

Brandon Brown

(415) 422-6179

Brandon Brown pursued doctoral training in superconductivity and low-temperature physics, with postdoctoral work in science communication. Once at the University of San Francisco, he shifted his research focus to sensory biophysics. His laboratory, his research students, and various collaborators have explored the electric and magnetic sensory abilities of a variety of creatures. Currently, he is completing a book about the life and work of German physicist Max Planck (1858-1947), to be...


PhD, 1997, Oregon State University.


High-temperature superconductivity, Sensory biophysics, Science communication, The life and work of Max Planck

Carolyn Brown

(415) 422-6749

Carolyn Brown received her PhD in English from the University of California–Davis. Her specialization is Shakespeare and Renaissance / Early Modern literature, from a feminist, psychoanalytic, historicist, and /or political perspective. She has published in several anthologies on Shakespeare and the following journals: Studies in English Literature 1500–1900; Texas Studies in Literature and Language; Studies in Philology; American Imago; Literature and Psychology; Clio: A Journal of Literature...


PhD, University of California, Davis


Shakespeare and psychoanalytic theory

Sarah Burgess

Associate Professor
(415) 422-6055

Sarah Burgess is an Associate Professor in Communication Studies, Gender and Sexualities Studies, and Critical Diversity Studies. Working at the intersections of rhetorical theory, political theory, legal theory, philosophy, and gender and sexualities studies, she examines the rhetorical contours of recognition in order to understand the possibilities and limits of justice. She recently edited a special issue of Philosophy & Rhetoric that brought together authors from several disciplines to...


PhD/MA, Rhetoric, University of California, Berkeley, MA/BA, Communication Studies, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

John Callaway

(415) 422-5702

John Callaway received his PhD in Oceanography and Coastal Sciences from Louisiana State University in 1994. Prior to his position at USF, John was the Associate Director of the Pacific Estuarine Research Laboratory (PERL) at San Diego State University. At USF, Professor teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in introductory environmental science, applied ecology, wetlands, and restoration ecology. His research expertise is in wetland restoration, specifically wetland plant ecology and...


PhD, Louisiana State University, 1994


Wetland restoration, Wetland plant ecology and sediment dynamics

Horacio Camblong

(415) 422-2364

Professor Camblong's research has been centered on miscellaneous topics in quantum field theory, gravitational physics, and many-body theory. His main focus has been on developing general frameworks, with applications to fields as diverse as condensed-matter physics, molecular physics, nuclear physics, elementary particle physics, and quantum gravity. Some of the highlights of his published research over the past decade include collaborative work on: a geometrical and gauge-invariant approach...


PhD, New York University, 1993


A geometrical and gauge-invariant approach to the quantum effective action, Many-body formulation of magnetotransport for inhomogeneous systems, Nonlinear redefinitions of quantum fields in path integrals, Path integral treatments of singular problems and bound states, Renormalization theory, Quantum anomalies in molecular physics

Melissa Ann Canlas

Assistant Professor, International and Multicultural Education, Human Rights Education
(415) 422-2137

Melissa Ann Canlas is Assistant Professor in International and Multicultural Education at the University of San Francisco (USF). Her work focuses on Ethnic Studies, issues of educational equity, critical leadership, critical pedagogies, and human rights, particularly for immigrant and refugees and students of color. She has over fifteen years of work as an educator, and her work experience includes teaching a wide variety of Ethnic Studies and Asian American Studies classes at the undergraduate...


Ed.D. International and Multicultural Education, University of San Francisco, M.A. Asian American Studies, San Francisco State University, B.A. English, St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Lucia Cantero

Assistant Professor

Lucia Cantero is an anthropologist concerned with the intersection of aesthetics, politics and identity. Her areas of research include Latin America and the Black Atlantic, political economy, visual culture, urban ethnography, transnationalism and globalization, media and cultural studies and critical theory. She is particularly drawn to issues of branding, advertising and markets as sites for the construction of political subjectivity and the ways this process inflects constructions of race,...


PhD in the Department of Anthropology and African American Studies, Yale University., MA Social Sciences, University of Chicago, BA Social Sciences, University of Chicago