Undergraduate Teacher Education Center

The Undergraduate Teacher Education Center (UTEC) fosters a culture of collaborative learning and critical pedagogies, preparing tomorrow's teachers to thrive in urban classrooms and to be agents of social justice in their communities.

Our programs allow students to pursue a bachelor’s and master’s degree in the subjects of their choice alongside the California Preliminary Teaching Credential (CAPTC). The UTEC coordinates between the USF’s teacher preparation and academic departments to ensure a dynamic, responsive curriculum for every student. We offer numerous resources and personalized guidance to students committed to the teaching profession, including academic planning, career planning, CSET exam preparation, fieldwork placement, and more.

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Our Programs

Field Placements

Our Field Office serves as a bridge between our undergraduate students and local schools, pairing students with volunteer mentor teachers. The field experience allows students to apply their course knowledge in practical settings and explore the teaching profession in greater depth.

We also oversee opportunities for paid and volunteer positions in the education field to enhance the skills of our undergraduates, as well as to fulfill the community’s need for experienced and trained teachers.


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Undergraduate Teacher Education Center

M-F 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

School of Education, 246
University of San Francisco
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