Radical Health: How the Human Phenome Initiative Will Transform Human Healthcare

As part of the 70th-anniversary celebrations, and in the spirit of transforming the development of health across the globe, we are honored to present Dr. Leroy Hood, a truly innovative leader in health.

Dr. Leroy Hood, co-author of The Age of Scientific Wellness: Why the Future of Medicine Is Personalized, Predictive, Data-Rich, and in Your Hands (The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press).

This book advocates scientific wellness via healthcare that is predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory. This book is dedicated to all those who will help solve the very challenging fourth P (participation). Achieving this requires so much more than our efforts alone. We must persuade partners across all aspects of the healthcare ecosystem of the life-changing path before us. 

We wish you success in optimizing your own journey and hope you will join us in ushering in the age of scientific wellness.

Featured Presenter

Dr. Leroy Hood

About Crawford Lecture

In 1984, the University of San Francisco School of Nursing and Health Professions was the recipient of an educational gift honoring the memory of Geraldine Crawford, who was cared for by USF nursing students and graduates. The first Geraldine Crawford Distinguished Nursing Lectureship was presented in 1985 and was open to all students, graduates, and health professionals in the community.  It has remained an annual event since its inception.

Please contact cecheverria@usfca.edu for a web-accessible version of the lecture slides PDF.