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Meet Your Professor: Marthinus JC van Loggerenberg

Part of a summer series on getting to know teachers at USF

by Melody Kim, USF News

Marthinus JC van Loggerenberg, assistant professor of advertising, encourages students to never stop thinking out of the box.

Which courses do you teach?

Campaign Project, Portfolios and Presentation, Advertising and Persuasion, Copywriting, and Advertising Internship from time to time.

What was your first job as a teenager?

I worked in a video/DVD shop so that I could take a movie home every night after my shift. Watching movies is a huge passion of mine.

Why USF?

I’m grateful to be at a place that upholds ethical principles to a very high degree. This was most critical to me in choosing a place to teach, especially when we’re teaching things like advertising, influence, and persuasion, things that can have ethical and social justice implications.

What would surprise people about the advertising major?

First, the years and years of industry experience that our professors have. We’re from all around the world, and our professors either come with top-notch experience from major advertising agencies, run their own agencies, or work for world-famous brands.

Second, we offer three tracks: general, creative, and research. It’s phenomenal to offer a track that is deeply focused on research and consumer behavior.

What are your best tips for online learning?

Revel in peer interaction and exercise discipline for success. Imbue a sense of camaraderie; we are all in this together. Remember: the quality of the experience is directly related to what you put into it. Always. I've seen students achieve remarkable success employing these principles.

What are the “aha” moments for advertising majors?

During their internships our students are thrown into the deep end and they swim beautifully. They get so much responsibility, and they can’t believe it. Yet they’re so well prepared.

Favorite places in San Francisco?

SFMoMA and the Walt Disney Museum in the Presidio.

Favorite app on your phone?

The TED Talks app.

Advice to incoming students?

Work hard. Stay humble and play nice. Everyone has this idea that advertising is a crazy, offbeat industry where people are larger than life, but it is the nicest group of people. You have to be a team player. Finally, don’t let anyone limit your creative potential. Never stop thinking out of the box. Go to all of your classes and you will reap the reward.

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