Engaged Learning

Gaining Insights From and In Community

Public health is an interprofessional field by its very nature. Each year, USF’s MPH program provides students with opportunities to explore, reflect on, and apply key concepts of interprofessionalism. In addition to the related public health competencies established by the Council on Education in Public Health (CEPH), the Interprofessional Education Collaborative provides us with an additional framework and competencies for our practice.

This year, the MPH program organized an interprofessional activity on aging, an important public health topic. As the first Jesuit University designated as an Age-Friendly University in 2021, USF is committed to an inclusive approach to healthy and active aging, including intergenerational opportunities for learners of all ages to share their expertise, experiences, and perspectives. USF's Interdisciplinary Committee on Aging promotes awareness and understanding of the issues associated with aging, extending quality of life and wellness among older adults. 

Interprofessional partners participating in the activity included Fromm Institute students and staff, SF Village, Institute on Aging, Family Caregiver Alliance, and OnLok

Students shared their ideas on how to replicate programs that have been effective in other communities and got feedback from our guests, whose input gave new insights into how to best understand and address aging-related issues in their careers as public health practitioners.