Professor Sarafrazi is a data scientist working in biotech industry. She enjoys working on all stages of data science, from identifying patterns in data to deploying models and building tools. Her areas of interest include health, nutrition, genomics, economics, and financial markets. She's passionate about teaching and making concepts easy to understand.

University of San Francisco, MS in Health Informatics, 2019
Drexel University, Ph.D. in Economics, 2015
Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Natural Language Processing
Data Analytics of Genomics Data
Statistics and Econometrics
Selected Publications

"Cracking the “Sepsis” Code: Assessing Time Series Nature of EHR Data, and Using Deep Learning for Early Sepsis Prediction," S. Sarafrazi, R. S. Choudhari, C. Mehta, H. K. Mehta, O. K. Japalaghi, J. Han, K. A. Mehta, H. Han, P. A. Francis-Lyon, Computing in Cardiology (CinC), Singapore, Singapore, 2019, 1-4.

“Downside Risk, Portfolio Diversification and the Financial Crisis for the Euro-zone,” S. Sarafrazi, S. Hammoudeh, P.A. AraújoSantos. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institution & Money, 2014 (32), 368-396.

“Interactions between Real Economic and Financial Risks in the U.S. Economy,” S. Sarafrazi, S. Hammoudeh, M. Balcilar, Applied Economics, 2015 (60), 6493-6518.