Mary Lou De Natale

Mary Lou De Natale


Full-Time Faculty

(415) 422-2022 Cowell Hall 325


Dr. De Natale has expertise in nursing and community outreach with teaching in both Community and Mental Health.. For the past twenty-six years, she has been involved in the Bachelors, Masters, and DNP Programs (committee member of DNP projects). The overall theme of her work and personal mission revolves around support and care for individuals and/or family while building professional purpose, practice, and furthering community partnerships. Her presentations have covered topics such as geriatrics, health care advocacy, health education for health care needs of at-risk populations. Her clinical background is inclusive of research in Gynecology, Obstetrics, and Infertility areas; Clinical Staff Nursing in Pediatrics, Maternity, Neonatal ICU). Dr. Natale’ research publications have been directed at aging, access to services for the Parkinson's patient in acute care and community, homeless and underserved, health insurance and Medicare, and health care literacy and homeless. Her service reflects her dedication to community outreach through social justice committees, and service a member and newly elected Co-Chair of Patient and Advisory Council at Stanford San Jose campus and other Community Advisory Boards.

Teaching Areas of Expertise
Community Health and Mental Health Nursing, Family Health-Maternity in Junior and Senior level (Nursing 352, Nursing 451; and Nursing 481), and the Masters Program in Teaching, Learning, and Program Planning (Nursing 609), Instructional Systems Design (Nursing 604), and Clinical in Health Promotion and the Childbearing Family (Nursing 611). Participant in health prevention and promotion programs with individuals, families, and health care providers with the focus on case management, immunization programs for mobile home parks, health screenings with children, families, and aging-in-place adults, and health education programs regarding access to health care/resources, wellness, sleep, depression, and chronic diseases.

Research Areas of Interest
Involved in ongoing research projects in the community with individuals and families across the lifespan. In 2006-2007 involved in a post-doctoral study entitled: Medicare D Prescription Coverage for Older Adults: Implications for Partnerships. Community involvement in "Ask a Nurse" program for older adults living in independently in residential living and senior centers in Santa Clara County. Ongoing presentations and research on caregivers with a research project entitled: Elder Caregivers: Stresses, Social Support, and Health Care Needs. Past research and publications include: "Prevention Assessment for High-Risk Elders" Teaching on a Mother-Baby Unit: Parents' Ratings of its Value" and "Online Critical Thinking: A Case Study Analysis". Author of a chapter in Conversations in E-Learning (Chapter on Critical Thinking) which was selected an AJN Book of the Year in the category of Nursing Education and Continuing Education. Author on a chapter for a study guide for Nursing Research: Methods Critical Appraisal and Utilization on: "Sampling" and application with examples of evidence-based nursing practice.

Other Interests
Senior Care Commissioner for the County of Santa Clara (2002-2005; 2005-2008); Vice Chair of the Senior Care Commission (2004-2005); Member of the Institutional Care and Community Care Committee (2002-2006); Member of the Legislative Committee (2005-2008). Member of the Educational Committee of the Bay Area Lupus Foundation; Member of the Administrative Council for RotoCare Free Clinic and El Camino Hospital (2006-2009); Educator and Advisor for CODA Alliance preparing classes regarding End of Life Issues and Advanced Directives; Board Member of Sigma Theta Tau International as the Regional 1 Chair; Membership Involvement (2001-2007); By-Laws Task Force; Reviewer for Clinical Abstracts on Evidence-Based Practice for Biennium Presentations (2004-2005), Reviewer for International Awards-Chapter Newsletter (2005); Member of the Beta Gamma Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau (Membership Involvement) and Alpha Gamma Chapter (Board of Directors); and involved with the Protocol Committee for Sigma Theta Tau International Conventions; Member and active in Social Justice Committee at Holy Spirit Church and the Bellarmine Mothers AMEN Club.

Member of the Faculty Development Committee
Member of Peer Review for SONHP, University Level
Member of the University Core Area Committee: Fine and Performing Arts, Health Promotion and Services Advisory Committee
USF Interdisciplinary Committee on Aging
Faculty Representative for the Board of Trustees Academic Affairs, and participant in Western
Conversations at Seattle University (1996) and Regis University (2004)
BSN, University of San Francisco
Teaching Effectiveness for the School of Nursing (2003-2004)
Mentor Epitome Award for the USF Beta Gamma Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau (2004)
Art of Nursing Award from USF's Beta Gamma Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau for the Advancement of the Profession of Nursing
Conducted a project at the Legion of Honor with senior nursing students on the uses of art and paintings in the nursing curriculum-Community and Mental Health Nursing
Contributed to both the first and second editions of the book entitled: Heart of Nursing (photographs and poetry)
Research working with Caregivers, Underserved Populations related to Health Care Access and Literacy, Access to Health for the Homeless, and Healthy Cooking and