Kathryn Grimely-Baker

Kathryn Grimley-Baker

Adjunct Professor


Kathryn Grimely-Baker's "why nursing” story demonstrates that one can be resilient and make something good out of a bad situation. At 12 years old she was in a head-on collision with her younger sisters and best friend that landed them many weeks and surgeries in the hospital. She found the nursing staff to be the one bright joy of her day. She was most appreciative of the nursing staff passing to her twin sister and best friend in the ICU the “Get Well” notes she made from her paper placemats under her hospital meal trays. While hospitalized she started asking the nursing staff how to be a nurse? Where they went to school? She made a promise at that moment she would become a nurse and do for families what was provided to her family.


  • USF, DNP 2014
  • UCSF, MSN/NP (Women's Health OB/GYN) 1988
  • USF, BSN 1980

Prior Experience

  • Adjunct Professor, USF
  • Staff Nurse, Stanford
  • Nurse Practitioner, Volunteer Samaritan House (free clinic for undocumented women in San Mateo County)

Awards & Distinctions

  • University of San Francisco, Dean Award of Professionalism, 2014
  • University of San Francisco, The Distinguished Adjunct Teaching Award, May 2013

Selected Publications

  • Treating depression in adults with transcranial magnetic stimulation. Nursing 2020. 50(5):18-20
  • How to land a job in a nurse residency program. Nursing 2019. 49(11) :64-66
  • Preventing suicides beyond psychiatric units Nursing 2018. 48 (3):59 - 61
  • Ethical Implications of mandatory reporting of intimate partner violence. Creative Nursing 2014. 20(4): 254-256