Gregory DeBourgh

Gregory DeBourgh

Faculty Emeritus

Faculty Emeritus

(415) 422-6214 Cowell Hall 321


Areas of Specialization and Teaching Expertise

Patient Safety and Quality Systems: synergy partnerships for academia and service (health care agencies) to safe clinical practices; simulation instructional designs to advance knowledge and skill development for patient risk and harm reduction, team effectiveness, communication, and conflict management.

Interprofessional Collaborative Practice: best practice models for interprofessional education in academic and clinical practice settings.

International Consultation: Associate Director, Vietnam Nurse Project ; curriculum design, faculty development for student-centric, interactive teaching and learning models and methods; implementation and promotion of shared governance models and collaborative nurse practice communities; visiting professor.

Professional Development and Performance Improvement Consultation: interactive multimedia programs for nurses, managers, and nurse educators (Rapid Recognition and Response to Clinical Crises; Continuous Quality Improvement Methods; Academic and Clinical Program Evaluation; Team Skills and Competencies, Design, Production, Delivery of High-Impact Presentations)

Clinical, Classroom, Online Instruction: pathophysiology, medical-surgical and critical care nursing practice; leadership and management behaviors; psychomotor skills instruction and performance validation; and simulation to promote advanced reasoning and skill application.

Multimedia Instructional Design, Delivery, and Evaluation: Web-based and classroom multimode instruction; interactive visual, audio, and reflective learning prompts; advanced reasoning skill development with structure, process and outcome models; cognitive apprenticeships; interactive online case studies, podcasts, Vodcasts; “flipping the classroom”, and clinical simulation.

AS, College of Marin
BS, University of California at San Francisco
MS, University of California at San Francisco
EdD, University of San Francisco
Impact of technology and instructional design on advanced reasoning skill acquisition, student satisfaction, and the learning experience in distance-delivered nursing curricula and technology-enriched classroom instruction
Interprofessional education for collaborative practice
Use of structure, process & outcome models to scaffold clinical learning; cognitive apprenticeships in nursing education to develop advanced reasoning and thinking skills
Selected Publications

DeBourgh, G.A., & Prion, S.K. (2017, March). Student-directed video validation of psychomotor skills performance: A strategy to facilitate deliberate practice, peer review, and team skill sets. International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship, 14(1), 1-12.

Crow, G.L., DeBourgh, G.A., Nguyen, T., & Smith, H.P. (in press). What does it mean to be a nurse in Viet Nam? Insights from nurses in the intensive care unit at Thanh Nhan Hospital, Ha Noi, Viet Nam. Vietnam Nurses Association Journal.

Crow, G.L., & DeBourgh, G.A. (2017). Shared Governance: The Infrastructure for Innovation. In S. Davidson, D. Weberg, T. Porter-O’Grady, & K. Malloch (Eds.), Leadership for evidence-based innovation in nursing and health professions (pp. 401-439). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC.

Crow, G.L., Nguyen, T., & DeBourgh, G.A. (2014). Virtual nursing grand rounds and shared governance: How innovation and empowerment are transforming nursing practice at Thanh Nhan Hospital, Ha Noi, Vietnam. Nursing Administration Quarterly, 38(1), 55-61.

DeBourgh, G.A., & Prion, S.K. (2012, March-April). Patient safety manifesto: A professional imperative for pre-licensure nursing education. Journal of Professional Nursing, 28(2), 110-118.

DeBourgh, G.A. (2012, January-February). Synergy for patient safety and quality: Academic and service partnerships to promote effective nurse education and clinical practice. Journal of Professional Nursing, 28(1), 48-61.

DeBourgh, G.A. (2011, July/August). Psychomotor skills acquisition in novice learners: A case for contextual learning. Nurse Educator, 36(4), 144-149.

DeBourgh, G. A. & Prion, S.K. (2011, March). Using simulation to teach prelicensure nursing students to minimize patient risk and harm. Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 7(2), e47-e56. doi:10.1016/j.ecns.2009.12.009.

Crow, G.L., & DeBourgh, G.A. (2010). Combining diffusion of innovation, complex, adaptive healthcare organizations and whole systems shared governance: 21st century alchemy. In T. Porter-O’Grady & Kathy Malloch (Eds.), Innovation Leadership: Creating the Landscape of Healthcare (pp. 195-246). Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Publishers, LLC.

DeBourgh, G.A. (2008). Use of classroom clickers to promote acquisition of advanced reasoning skills. Nurse Education in Practice, 8(2), 76-87.

DeBourgh, G.A. (2003). Predictors of Student Satisfaction in Distance-Delivered Graduate Nursing Courses: What Matters Most? Journal of Professional Nursing, 19(3), 149-163.

Awards & Distinctions

Fellow in the National League for Nursing’s Academy of Nursing Education (ANEF) (2008) 

University of San Francisco Distinguished Teaching Award (2002)

Teaching Effectiveness Award, School of Nursing and Health Professions (2000 & 2007)

Center for Instructional Technology Innovation and Excellence Award (2003)

Mentor Epitome Award, Sigma Theta Tau (2002)

Advancement of the Profession Award: Web-Based Instruction, Sigma Theta Tau (2001)