Freddie Seba

Freddie Seba

Program Director and Faculty Instructor

Program Director • Instructor


Program Director Seba is a serial tech entrepreneur, experienced global corporate executive, innovator, and educator at the intersection of fintech and digital health. He draws his teachings from over twenty-five years of practice in both tech-driven large multinationals and Silicon Valley startups in highly regulated industries, and from a rigorous education at Yale’s and Stanford University’s graduate programs.

He has been teaching in the Master of Science in Health Informatics program since spring 2017. His courses include Global Health Informatics, in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Division of Health Sciences, and Technology HST 936: Global Health Informatics to improve quality of care.

USF SONHP Program Evaluation Committee (PEC)
USF Public Health Workgroup (COVID-19)
USF Health Informatics Professional Student Association
USF Partnership Advisory Council for La Clinica
USF Ending Pandemics Collaborative Project
Stanford University, Master of International Policy Studies (IPS)
Yale University Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Program Director, USF
Teaching Health Informatics since Spring 2017, USF
Director of Industry Initiatives, USF
Serial Entrepreneur, Co-Founder and Corporate Executive
Digital Transformation
Technology Innovation
New Business Models
Digital Health, FinTech and BigTech
Global Ecosystems
Digital Health, BigTech, Fintech and Global Ecosystems
Electronic Health Record (EHRs) interoperability
Application Programming Interface (APIs)
Selected Publications

Speaker at various international and domestic technology/innovation conferences and panels.

Mentored digital transformation and tech entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and beyond.