Ann_ Ozaze_ Lawani

Ann Ozaze Lawani

Assistant Professor

Program Director
Full-Time Faculty
Cowell Hall 307


Dr. Ann Lawani received her PhD in nursing from the University of San Diego. Her unique professional background includes small business accounting, clinical nursing practice and leadership. She is a practicing registered nurse; her clinical experience entails adult cardio-pulmonary, stroke, Cystic Fibrosis and orthopedic patient populations across multiple health care settings, including acute care and hospice facilities. A scholar and life-long learner, Dr. Lawani’s area of research includes Palliative Care and healthcare utilization in advanced cancer patient populations, Care of the chronically ill older adult, and End-of-Life transitions.

She is passionate about fostering health equity as a chief priority in increasing diversity in nursing practice. Beyond teaching nursing content, Dr. Lawani engages in mentorship of first generation nursing students across cultures, to create an inclusive and safe environment for students to confidently thrive as their authentic selves. Dr. Lawani currently serves as the ME-MSN Program Director at the University of San Francisco.


  • Palliative Care and Healthcare Utilization
  • Hospice and End-of-Life Transitions

Research Areas

  • Palliative Care
  • Hospice and End-of-Life Transitions


  • Statewide ME MSN Program Director, USF


  • PhD in Nursing, University of San Diego
  • Graduate Certificate, Leadership and Administration in Hospice and Palliative Care, University of Maryland, Baltimore
  • Master of Science in Nursing-Clinical Nurse Leadership, University of San Diego
  • BSc. Healthcare Administration, California State University, Sacramento

Prior Experience

  • Adjunct Professor, University of San Diego
  • Clinical Supervisor, Sharp Hospice
  • Clinical Lead, Sharp Coronado Hospital


Awards & Distinctions

  • ARCS Foundation Scholar, 2019-2022, San Diego
  • Woltman and McGuire Palliative Care Scholar