Middle Eastern Studies

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The Middle East is the origin of the world's earliest civilizations and of three of the world's major religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It has also produced many of the world's finest achievements in architecture, art, mathematics, medicine, philosophy, science, theology, law, and literature. A balanced and informed understanding of the region is especially useful to students interested in seeking careers in diplomacy, education, foreign service, grassroots organizing, and international relations.

Our program introduces students to the historical, religious, and political trends that have shaped the Middle East. Drawing upon diverse and comparative perspectives, the minor facilitates a broad understanding of the Middle East that takes into account the complexity and richness of the region. The minor enables students to understand the historical contributions of the Middle East to human civilization and the importance of the Middle East to international politics today.

Study Abroad

Students are encouraged to study abroad for a semester. There are many University Sponsored Study Abroad programs to choose from.