International Studies (4+1), BA/MA

The International Studies (4+1) BA/MA program will save you both time and tuition by allowing you to earn a bachelor's and master's degree in only five years. You can start taking courses toward your master's in your junior or senior year and earn a master’s degree with just 26 additional units of course work, compared to 34 units for two-year students.

Stay in the city you've learned to love while building your theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Study what you love by pursuing a specialization in Governance and Global Justice, Sustainable Development and Environmental Justice, or Culture, Power, and Social Movements.

Your International Studies Experience

Take advantage of internships, flexible course offerings, and more — all while continuing to work with the same great professors.

  • Immerse yourself in a new country to carry-out research abroad and gain hands-on experience in a community or region of the world that you care about most.
  • Develop graduate level research and writing skills that highlight your passion and interests in the field.
  • Become part of a close knit community of graduate students who are committed to social justice on a global scale.