Health Studies

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Health Studies, an interdisciplinary minor, assembles the multifaceted health-related courses offered at USF and strategically categorizes them to give students the exposure to the continuum of factors that affect health.

Students experience and come to appreciate the complex biological, psychological, communicative, social, spiritual, and environmental aspects of what constitutes the concept of health. The minor is available to all majors.

The student who minors in health studies typically is interested in, but not limited to, pursuing a future in the allied health fields (e.g., medicine, physician’s assistant, nursing, dentistry, physical therapy, pharmacy), public health, health communication, medical informatics, and the like.

Contact Info

Office of Health Studies

University Center, Room 525,
2130 Fulton St.,
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 422-6448 (415) 422-5680