Catholic Studies minor

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The word Catholicism comes from the Greek katá+holos: ‘relating to the whole’. Our Catholic Studies minor reflects this in its examination of the full scope of the tradition. Students gain critical insight into the self-understanding of Catholicism and explore the faith as an agent for human flourishing in academics, arts and sciences. The program also explores how Catholicism relates to other religions in our diverse world.

The minor complements any major field of study, from business to education to the arts, sciences, and humanities.

Areas of Study:

  • History and Society
  • Theology and Philosophy
  • Culture and Aesthetics

Capstone Thesis: Grounded in the Core

For their Capstone thesis, students research perspectives or problems presented in the minor’s core course. Typically, students pursue a project that considers Catholic social thought and/or teaching from a historical, aesthetic-cultural, theological, sociological, philosophical, or interdisciplinary perspective.

What They Studied

Alumnus Michael CamposCombining what I learned in my Media Studies major with the Catholic Studies minor, my capstone concerns the Catholic Church’s involvement in the Hollywood Production Code of 1934. This crusade against immorality in film during its ‘Golden Age’ influenced the way we view film today."



Alumna Hannah MoraThe program completely altered the way I thought about the relationship between Catholicism, politics, economics, and social issues in the world today. After taking Liberation Theology in El Salvador, I had the opportunity to visit many of the different communities and organizations working to make a difference within the country."