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Baby boomers — the generation born between 1946 and 1964 — are aging. By 2030, 69 million people (more than 20% of the US population) will be over 65. More than 35% will be over 50. How will that dramatic shift in demographics impact our society?

USF’s Gerontology minor provides you with an interdisciplinary understanding of the many aspects of the aging process and gives them the knowledge to pursue a career in an exploding field. You'll explore aging through a variety of lenses — kinesiology, biology, psychology, communications, and performing arts — while working alongside older adults in San Francisco Bay Area communities.

As a nursing student minoring in Gerontology, I loved being able to put what I learned in my Gerontology classes into practice when I worked with older patients. Studying Gerontology has given me a better understanding of the aging process and how to care for older adults. Because the number of older adults is increasing, what I learned in Gerontology will continue to become more and more relevant throughout my nursing career.”


Gerontology, Minor

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