XARTS (pronounced “eks-arts”) is the fine arts and architecture facilities. It offers 2D and 3D studios equipped with tools for drawing, painting, printmaking, digital photography, video, digital fabrication, sculpture, ceramics, and woodworking. There are also computer labs and a gallery for class critiques and exhibitions.

2D Studio

The 2D facilities support drawing, painting, mixed media, and printmaking including relief, etching and silkscreen techniques.

Equipment highlights are: floor model printing press, Klopfestein easels, light exposure unit for printmaking, imaging programs, and printers for digital printmaking techniques.

USF student painting in 2D studio

3D Studio

The 3D facilities provide workspace and a wide range of tools including hand and power tools in addition to larger stationary wood working equipment. They are made available under the supervision of trained faculty and staff.

Equipment highlights are: SawStop table saw, CNC machine, lathe, 17” bandsaw, 12”planer, Shimpo potters wheels, full size electric kiln, and Northstar full size slab roller.

USF student working with clay

Computer Labs

XARTS has four computer labs, equipped with Apple iMac computers, printers, scanners, Wacom pen tablets, and more. Pick your choice of computer lab during open study hours to edit photos, create digital art, and build your digital portfolio.

USF student working on an Apple iMac computer

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