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Computer Science, BS

Capstone: How Can Your Organization Participate?

The Capstone Project allows organizations to leverage talented USF faculty and students to prototype new product features and explore ideas in an inexpensive, low-risk way. Like an internship program, it provides access to students nearing graduation.

We offer expertise in data visualization, programming languages, operating systems, parallel computing, distributed systems, computer security, machine learning, and many other areas.

Project Examples


In the Capstone course, students work 12-20 hours a week for 15 weeks. They can work as paid interns on your payroll, or simply via a mutual NDA between your company and USF. Often, organizations hire students on as interns or employees following the Capstone Project.

What Type of Projects Work Best?

The most successful projects involve regular sponsor-student meetings and access to technical expertise within the organization.

  • Exploratory R&D projects
  • Early-stage app prototypes
  • Projects of serious interest to the client
  • Projects with a clear client champion
  • Smaller projects with clear objectives reasonable for the time-frame

How to Get Started?

The project courses run each semester beginning around the August 20 and January 20. If you’re interested, please contact the Computer Science Department Chair David Wolber,