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Neuroscience, BS

Program Overview

Explore different brains: how they work and why. Examine mental health inequities. Learn the ethics of research and technology. Take electives in computer science, philosophy, data science, and engineering. Follow a research, technology, or ethics & policy track.

The first-year Neuroscience major cohort will start in Fall 2024. Transfers into the Neuroscience major will not take place until 2025. Senior capstone courses will be offered for the first time during the 2027-2028 academic year. To avoid delaying graduation, current USF students are encouraged to add a Neuroscience minor.  

The Neuroscience Major at the University of San Francisco trains students to apply a foundational knowledge of neuroscience to promote social justice, advocate for societal attitudes that embrace neurodiversity and ensure neurological and mental health equity.  Students will be equipped to utilize their skills in a wide variety of career trajectories, from healthcare, technology, and public policy to graduate programs in neuroscience.